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    Frequently Asked Questions

    When cleaning services give potential customers, a house cleaning estimate over the phone without having seen the home and met the client, it’s frankly just a guess. How much does K&B Supreme Cleaning service cost? The price to clean your home is based on many factors. The size of your home, the frequency of cleaning, the number of pets, level of clutter, and your floor surfaces, are some elements that can influence the cost of your cleaning.
    On every visit, K&B Supreme Cleaning dusts, vacuums, washes and sanitizes each room, which includes everything on our extensive checklist. 

    Yes. Our professional staff dusts every room, top to bottom including A/C vents, blinds, and window sills. Starting with cobwebs hiding in hard-to-reach corners and dust that clings to ceiling fans and light fixtures, our staff work top down—not missing a spot. This efficient method helps corral dust and dirt, making it easier to remove from your home and reduces allergens and bacteria in the process. Moving from the ceiling to your shelves, furniture, counters and other surfaces, our staff treat delicate items with care. After dusting the floorboards and ensuring clean surfaces, we begin specific room cleaning procedures, including wiping surfaces to rid your home of harmful mold, bacteria, allergens, and cold-causing germs. 

    No. Our staff goes through background checks and are professionals that are licensed, bonded, and insured. We will care for your home as if it was our own!
    Absolutely! Everyone lives in their home differently, and with years of cleaning experience, we understand that every home is as unique as its owner. K&B Supreme Cleaning will assist you in keeping a beautiful home while making more time for yourself and the things you love most. 

    Our staff’s services go beyond just sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping. Our services include dusting, cleaning appliances, wiping down surfaces to rid your home of harmful mold, bacteria, allergens, and cold-causing germs. And our team does final finishing details, such as straightening linens, organizing toys, washing dirty dishes, and emptying wastebaskets that will give your home the professionally cleaned, fresh look you can be proud of and enjoy.

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